The Pinecone Patchwork Story

mary standingThe “Pinecone Patchwork” derives its name from the long leaf pinecone, when looking at the bottom of a pinecone you can find this design. The Southeastern American Indians are the only people to use the distinct design of the pinecone patchwork insignia. Our Elders of the past and present weave these beautiful designs in quilts and rugs while hosting quilting bee’s in their communities. Our Lumbee Princesses wear the pinecone patchwork insignia on their traditional regalia's during Pow-wows across the Nation. Today it is a symbol for all Lumbee people. Robeson County, North Carolina is the , “Land of the Lumbee”.

Designer TPL II

  • Cyna's Pinecone Patchwork was honorably presented to the first lady, Laura Bush in Washington D.C. in 2005 by pop singer Jana Mashonee
  • Cyna's Pinecone Patchwork is featured on the album cover of Jana's American Indian Christmas.

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