Cynas Online Party

Would you like to earn FREE jewelry?

It's fun and easy, book a date. We give you a 30% off discount code to share and your friends save BIG. You earn 10% of sales that used your code. You receive an eGift card to spend on "any" product you want in our online store. Contact Timma to book your date at 910-374-6913

Are you ready to start?

1. Contact Timma at 910-374-6913 to book your party date.

2. If you don't have an account create one by clicking here

3. We will send you party details and a discount code. 

4.  Share your code with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and family. Your party will last 1 day from 5:30am to midnight.

5. You will receive your eGift card via email. (Note: your account must be created in order to receive your eGift card.) 



Q: What items qualify for a discount?
A. Over 600 items in our online store at
Q: Are there items my discount code will not work on?
A. Yes, items marked "made to order" in description will not receive a discount at checkout. 

Q: Where is the discount code entered?
A. After clicking the "checkout button" enter code at top right. 

Q: What if my party is $2000 or more will I receive something extra?
A. Yes! You will receive your eGift card plus "1" of the following; 

Q: Do you offer Buy online and Pickup in store?
A. Yes, and it's Free!

Q: Are free gifts given to the first 10 shoppers of my party?
A. Yes! They will receive an item usually valued at $24.99. Encourage them to shop early!

Q: What if someone needs to do a refund?
A. There are no refunds on Cyna's online party orders, however, exchanges are welcomed.

Q: Can my discount code be used inside your store?
A. No, only online.

Q: Can I reschedule my party date?
A. Yes

Q: Can I have more than one online party?
A. Yes, have as many as you want, the more you have the more you earn. Contact Timma and book another date. 

Q: When do I get my eGIFT card?
A. As long as you have created your account, you will receive it within three days of your party. A notification will be sent to your email of the amount you earned.  You can use it immediately or wait up to two years. 

Q: Can I redeem my eGift for cash?
A: No, but it's just like using cash to buy anything in our online store. 


 Get started today Contact Timma at 910-374-6913 to set a date!